pisc sour

Kicking off our weekly cocktail feature with the Pisco Sour, in honor of National Pisco Sour Day (February 6th)  and our Beverage Director, Randy Tarlow is sharing the recipe for the traditional version of the drink. Make sure to stop by Resident this weekend and taste his spin on the drink. We’ll be running specials all weekend in honor of this Peruvian treasure and check out the Latin Times roundup of some of the most popular Pisco Sour concoctions.

Traditional Pisco Sour

1.5oz Kappa Pisco
.75oz lime juice
.75oz sugar syrup
1 egg white
– Do a dry shake, then add ice and shake again til you break a sweat
–  Finely strain into cocktail coupe
– Garnish with Angostura bitters