Very Fresh

Cindy Lou Gooden is a New York-based songwriter; Malkmus, Cluck, Longstreth, and Drake (the one who played the guitar) worshipper who sounds like Liz Phair (even though she’s never listened to a single Liz Phair record from start to finish); fan of protracted sentences; ASCII expert; two-time EP-making champion; and an all-around good and wholesome influence for your children.


JUST A COUPLE OF CUTE GUYS Tinkle Brinkenhoff, Lil Pee-Pee Poswald and Jewsh like 2 hang out sometimes…if they’re FEELIN IT. Tinky is on da mic, Poz is on da guitar, and Jewsh is a fat piece of shit who is absolutely NOT in Goldy. They mostly like to play mellow reggae vibes in bp, and on stage they just do whatever they’re feelin. They’re cool, they’re nice, they help old ladies across the street, and they’re just livin la vida loca. They all agree the band thing kinda sucks, so first chance they get they’re cruisin’ to Barbados and retiring in a coconut hut sippin’ margaritas to Jimmy Buffet’s Greatest Hits watchin’ the sun set on the Caribbean. And 2 all da GIRLZ out there…….we just like havin’ a good time, and maybe we can have a good time 2gether….???? DM the_real_goldy on insta if ur interested.
Thanx buh bye


Nightgown is the project of LA based musician and singer/songwriter Laurel Noone. Originally hailing from outside the colorful port city of Baltimore where she studied opera, philosophy, and the art of disillusionment, Laurel now focuses her energies into writing sweet-n-low-down rock-n-roll. Her sound seamlessly shifts between delicate, color-washed dream-pop to biting, straightforward garage rock with lyrics that walk a fine line between sincerity and tongue-in-cheek. Nightgown is currently breaking from her streak of musical reclusiveness and slowly releasing her self-produced lo-fi demos. Be sure to expect the unexpected from this debuting artist.

This event is 21 and over