Prince Rama

It’s been awhile and we’re back in action with some really exciting news and a note from our Talent Buyer, Duncan Smith


Fridays at Resident are now #feministfriday. We’re only booking female-fronted bands, artists, DJs, events on Fridays moving forward (exceptions are commitments made prior to this decision).
The actual best thing about music is that it’s for everybody. Both the talent for playing and enjoyment of listening to music exists equally in all groups of people, regardless of: sex, gender, race, socio-economic status, sexuality, age, developmental ability, nationality, etc.
While women are stars in music more commonly than in other fields where systematic oppression is stronger (politics, technology, business come to mind), obsolete gender norms still taint music. A female keyboardist is more common than a female drummer. A female vocalist is more common than a female producer. Almost no one would be small-minded enough to claim that women have less musical ability than men on the whole. From mega pop stars, to indie music, to folk/roots traditions, female-fronted acts are hugely revered. Yet we burden women on the already-difficult journey to find their genuine creative voice by pushing them toward presentations we consider safely feminine.
Well that sucks. As we established, art is for everybody and women kick ass at it. We hurt the little girl who feels more like Gary Clark Jr. than Ariana Grande (no shade, she’s amazing) with this attitude. We also hurt ourselves as a culture. Our access to beauty through art is diminished, and that’s something we really can’t afford to lose.
So to celebrate the importance of women in music, Resident will only be booking acts / events that are creatively driven by women and femme-identifying queer people. We’ll still do all sorts of stuff: DJ nights, touring artists, local bands, themed parties, comedy – whatever – but the leading voices will always be female.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you at the next show!