Krimewatch, Spectral Voice, Feminist Friday Ft. Juke Joint with Jackie Jackson

Tis’ the eve of another Summer Solstice! It all becomes official tomorrow, so take a longer lunch break, grab a mid-day tropical beverage, and yes, dip out of work 30 minutes early because it’s summertime and we’re here to supply the fun.

Tonight Krimewatch takes over giving us a serious dose of hardcore like you’ve never seen before. A female-fronted hybrid of Japanese and English lyrics, Krimewatch will leave you captivated. Frontwoman and all around badass Rhylli Ogiura is likely to be your next idol, no doubt.

Friday night all the lights are on another legendary woman, who you know by the name of Miss Jackie Jackson! Her wardrobe is always next level and she will serve you up some serious soul. She has a voice that will give you chills, an energy that will make you dance, and by the end of the night you’ll be marking all future Juke Joints on your calendar.

There’s nothing quite like a Saturday afternoon visit to our garden, especially during our Resident Roundup Summer Concert Series! Join us for an outdoor performance from Austin McCutchen & The Western Stars with DJ love from Friends in Low Places at week four of our garden jamboree. Don’t forget to RSVP!

On Saturday night it’s time to get real funky with DJ Clifton at Soul Shakedown. He’ll be spinning vinyl all night and getting your feet moving and grooving on the dancefloor.

Sunday we’re dishing up brunch, but it ain’t no ordinary brunch. This time it’s Brunch-182, a pop-punk heaven feat. bloody marys, endless Blink-182 songs, and extreme nostalgia, all hosted by April O’Neil. No posers allowed!

We are delighted to have some neighborhood talent in the house on Tuesday as we host Taleen Kali’s album release show! One major highlight for August – don’t miss Dylan Carlson of Earth performing on 8/7. If you didn’t catch the profile on Mary Lattimore in the New Yorker this week it’s a must read and will leave you even more excited to see her on our stage that same evening.

Lastly we just announced a ton events you won’t want to miss in the months ahead! We assume you’ve already scored tickets to our very special Daft Brunch: Fourth of July Edition and we are happy to let you know the festivities will continue all night long with a Prince vs. Rick James Party to close out the night. Better start practicing those dance moves now! Save the date for mid-August as Sneaks takes over on 8/15. This DC queen just released a new music video that will leave you hungry for more, so peep these visuals and get to know her in real life this summer. Thief will perform on 8/19 for another August treat and we even got you covered in September with CCFX on 9/19.

Happy Almost First Official Day of Summer. Let the games begin!


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