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Home. You are a Resident. This is your home.

Nestled in heart of the Arts District of Downtown LA, Resident, is a hybrid bar, beer garden and music venue that pays homage the vibrant community, creating a destination for the best in craft cocktails, beer and live music.

The brainchild of Jacek Ostoya, Larry Little, Paul Oberman and Tim Krehbiel, Resident, evokes the spirit of the East Austin, Texas beer garden culture, accented with a high-end cocktail and beer program and thoughtfully curated music experience.

Purchased in 2000 by Tim and his wife Bridget Vagedes, the three-story building has long been a haven for the artists enclave, acting as a reprieve from the urban grit of Downtown Los Angeles.

A haven for the community, RESIDENT is a reprieve from the urban grit of Downtown, a destination that embraces the foundation of the evolving neighborhood.

With a nod to the former metal shop and warehouse space that once occupied the building, Resident is a multi-use space, with a 210 capacity music venue and bar with a 300 capacity outdoor beer garden, featuring a refurbished Spartan Trailercoach outfitted as a bar and a custom parking space for rotating food trucks.

The founders of Resident are just as eclectic as the clientele it hopes to serve. An architect/designer (Jacek Ostoya), a music maven (Larry Little/Fortress Music), a restaurateur (Paul Oberman) and old guard members of the Art’s District (Tim Krehbiel and Bridget Vagedes).

Resident strives to be a haven for those looking for a casual and familiar place to spend time with friends and make new ones in Downtown Los Angeles, providing a curated experience from the music programming, to the drinks menu to the daily food trucks inside the beer garden.


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