Table Sugar

Resident Presents

Table Sugar

Mayako XO, Purity, Temple Of Angels, DJ Emily Twombly

Sun September 16, 2018 8:00 pm

Resident Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

Table Sugar

Table Sugar is a band from Olympia Washington. Their second album is titled "Collected Acknowledgments." "The Olympia punks’ second album presents a chiming, inventive take on post-punk that's shot through with sly humor, madcap time signatures, and wild abandon." Jenn Pelly

Mayako XO

Mayako XO is the new moniker of ongoing solo project by Los Angeles based musician and artist, Sara Gernsbacher, FKA Littlerag, Dentdog and Baby, among others. This tape is a dark and comforting anthem, what it is to be a body knocking up against the sharp man made edges we live in, singing praise to creature comforts and the searching of solid ground in a world where everything feels like it’s on fire. The recounting of Shel Silverstein’s “Ma and God”, the repetition in guitar licks, the songs propel and cut through the air, an honest search in uneasiness. There is no posturing in this special package and there are no masks. Mayako XO’s s/t is Gernsbacher’s first solo release. Recorded and produced in the spring of 2018 by Lou Rogai. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Don Sternecker at Mix-O-Lydian Recording Studio in DWG, PA.

Mayako XO Official Website


Purity is a cover band from Los Angeles, CA.

Temple Of Angels

Composed of veterans of the Austin hardcore scene (as well as a few newcomers) Temple of Angels seem to have arrived fully formed. Their four song demo is drenched in reverb and gothic pain, almost making one wonder if they haven’t accidentally stumbled on a lost project from Manchester circa 1983. What would have been cliché homage in another band’s hands, however, Temple of Angels bring a level of intensity and passion for the genre that pushes them into something fierce, and at times beautiful.” -David Glickman

DJ Emily Twombly



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