Helaine & The Hurricanes

Resident Presents

Helaine & The Hurricanes

R E L, Flames of Durga, The Living Roomers

Mon December 10, 2018 8:00 pm

Resident Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

Helaine & The Hurricanes


evoca-pop™ artist based out of Los Angeles "The world of my music is blue and green, the colors of the world and of life and of sad and water and the blues and freshness and renewal. I made evoca-pop because I want it to be for the masses (widely accessible) and evocative. Evoke – you evoke things with feeling, with intention, with magic. Evoke starts with “E”: E like enchant and r e l . Evocation colors my writing – and the music. In the world of evoca-pop™ you are innocent till proven guilty, magical till proven mundane, with heart until proven without. But I don’t try to prove without. I like to prove with. More than anything I hope my music inspires curiosity." -r e l (for Waking Life Magazine- 2016)

Flames of Durga

Flames Of Durga is an LA based power trio full of raw passion. The brainchild of identical sisters Cecilia and Beah Romero along with drummer Nate Million. ~ Instagram: @flamesofdurga "Like two maenads taking part in a rite of delirium, twin sisters Beah and Cecilia Romero of the new East Los Angeles band, Flames Of Durga sure know how to put on an impressive rock show. Not only do these fierce brunettes deliver those early female punk vibes (think Babes In Toyland and Bikini Kill), but they're quite easy on the eyes. Without a care of their sweaty bodies and matted hair, the ladies of Flamed Of Durga will get on the floor in the style of early Iggy Pop, letting out gut-wrenching howls as they immerse themselves into their punk madness. Oh, and did we mention they have a very kick-ass male drummer?" - Grimy Goods

Flames of Durga Official Website

The Living Roomers


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