Donzii with CD Ghost

Resident DTLA Presents

Donzii with CD Ghost

Donzii with CD Ghost + Mr. Pharmacist (DJ Set) at Resident

Sun November 12 8:00 pm

Resident DTLA 428 South Hewitt Street - Los Angeles, CA 90013

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This event is 21+

Donzii with CD Ghost + Mr. Pharmacist (DJ Set) at Resident

Named after an Italian speedboat company - corrupted with an extra i - Miami's Donzii was started by vocalist Jenna Balfe and musician Dennis Fuller. Their post-punk vision is a unity of go-hard industrial bangers, darkly ambient balladry, and new takes on the funk traditions of No Wave. They have boldly taken the goth scene by storm by making them dance, laugh and have a better time than they've had since childhood.

They formed in 2015 during jam sessions at a dilapidated suburban mansion from the '70s. The Donzii galaxy has included a number of supporting musicians over the years, helping to form their poly-blend of electronics, bass guitar, '80s utopian guitar and vocalist Balfe's hauntingly spirited vocals.

Balfe's poetic lyrics spill from many inner dimensions and intentions. "A lot of my inspiration comes from wanting people to think more deeply about being able to exist in a way that is more joyful," she says. "Not in a Live Love Laugh kinda way, but in a way that encompasses the material grossness of this chaotic life cycle with a little chuckle beneath your breath. Like watching sweet little pink flowers grow atop a pile of decaying bones and compost."

In 2019 Donzii was asked by The Growlers to open for them on a US tour. They have put out a single and 2 LP's on vinyl and have not had a dull moment in years between playing iii festival every year, several iii points sponsored events, being a local favorite to many bars throughout South Florida and embarking on many short tours around the US.

Inspired by the full range of feelings on planet Earth, from the darkest corners to the sunniest days, Balfe and Fuller are allergic to trends but resolutely of the moment. Donzii is a therapeutic exercise in sincere and honest expression, a confrontation with demons, a celebration of getting lost. In many ways Donzii is not a normal band. But, as Balfe says, there is one rule of all great music that they follow: "We do it so people can dance."


CD Ghost is LA-based synthpop duo Cody Han and Blake Dimas. The pair juxtapose conflicting elements of melancholy and gloom against a persevering energy that permeates their tracks. Drawing from a kitschy past as much as they embrace pure pop, their hook-laden, beat-driven lamentations find a way to stick in your head and provide a respite.


Mr. Pharmacist (DJ Set)



428 S Hewitt St

Los Angeles, CA