Johnny Dawson EP Release Show with Nymphlord & Janna Jamison

Resident DTLA Presents

Johnny Dawson EP Release Show with Nymphlord & Janna Jamison

Johnny Dawson EP Release Show with Nymphlord & Janna Jamison

Tue November 28 7:00 pm

Resident DTLA 428 South Hewitt Street - Los Angeles, CA 90013

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This event is 21+

Johnny Dawson EP Release Show with Nymphlord & Janna Jamison

Johnny Dawson, singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, CA sets out to release their upcoming EP, When You’re Around.

An emotionally charged collection of songs that aims to capture glimmers of hope within the struggles of self-isolation.

In 2021, Dawson put out their very first single Sleepless Motels followed by their second release Counterclockwise.


Raised in the wooded foothills of Northern California, Nymphlord bubbled up from a unique brew of 90's alt rock, misty bush-whacked trail walks, Britney Spears crop tops, dog bites turned scars, and dust-covered pom poms. Her debut EP, made up of five lyrically intimate, sonically explosive folk and grunge inspired indie pop songs, Mothers Cry And Then We Die was released on August 25th by Lauren Records.

A singer-songwriter and producer, Nymphlord developed her grating but ethereal sound by trying to reverse engineer otherworldly (and pricey) plugins on her bedroom floor while plucking an acoustic guitar. Influenced by whisper-in-your-ear punk performances combined with an unshakeable love of top 40 radio, the Nymphlord sound is angsty, ethereal, hopeful, and dissonant. Danceable, even when the lyrics are low and the mic is too close. Persistently intimate, acoustic strums morph into cavernous electric screams and feminist themes are explored through the lens of little moments both romantic and platonic.


Janna Jamison has been brutally honest with herself and anyone else willing to listen since she started writing in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA at the age of 4. There has never been a moment, a feeling, or a realization that goes unmentioned in her diary of songs. From her deep love of country-style storytelling to the pop/punk angst of her youth to a Fiona Apple-like self awareness, Jamison’s artist project is made up of everything and everyone that she loves. After spending a semester in NY playing shows and developing her sound in Nashville, Jamison has relocated back to her roots in LA and is currently working on her sophomore EP ‘Lovesuite’



428 S Hewitt St

Los Angeles, CA