Resident DTLA Presents


SWELL with Dylan Marx w/ Band at Resident

Mon December 4 8:00 pm

Resident DTLA 428 South Hewitt Street - Los Angeles, CA 90013

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This event is 21+

SWELL with Dylan Marx w/ Band at Resident


David Freel, singer, primary songwriter, co-founder, of Swell passed away April 12, 2022. David was a true original. The songs he developed and the lyrics he wrote are like no one else’s. His unique approach to life informed everything he did and affected everything he touched.

Swell, as it was, will never be again. But the original members are uniting for a tribute to David and the formative years of the band.

Rewind a bit. Late 80’s, drummer Sean Kirkpatrick places an ad in Rough Trade records, San Francisco, where David responded. After back & forth attempts at making music together, Sean leaves for Northern Spain to take up residency for a while. David comes for a visit. The Pixies play at a small Basque village, and during the show, David and Sean know, it’s time to really make music. They return to San Francisco’s tenderloin (slightly dangerous, cheap rent, warehouse space, and an area that would “hear” the music at all times of the day & night and care less). It is here, that Swell was born, making the first LP, eponymously titled “Swell,” LP #2; “Well...?” and closing the door on the tenderloin years with album #3; “41” (the street number of our home above it all). These 3 albums were a mix of street noises below that seeped into the mics, and the songs created, in this place Swell called home. We never thought of using the word “Trilogy.”

Lineup additions starting with “Well...?” saw Monte Vallier join on bass, John Dettman-Lytle, guitar, and Niko Wenner, guitar (for live shows and guest recording), now all a part of the Swell sound. With this lineup, Swell would take to the road, mostly in Europe, playing assorted tours, festivals, and even a John Peel BBC session. A song or two in a movie, and an “acting” debut in “The Dukes of Groove,” Swell’s off-kilter vibe was finding an audience. The signing to Beggars Banquet for Europe, and American Recordings for the U.S., added to getting songs like “Get High,” “At Long Last,” “Down,” Forget about Jesus,” “Song Seven,” “Sunshine Everyday,” and “What I Always Wanted” a little more exposed.

Before finally leaving San Francisco, and with the original lineup still whole (more or less) they started work on album #4; “Too Many Days Without Thinking.” This is where we leave this story, as it’s fitting to close here, just as this album created closure with Swell... the way it was. David and Monte would record two more albums, and then David would continue with a few solo releases. Sean and David reunited in 2003 to record “Whenever You’re Ready.”

Swell has now come together in thoughts of David Freel, and see you live out there, somewhere. April 2023, we played songs from the first four albums to Swell enthusiasts, and to David Freel, in his honor. Now, we play December 2023 San Diego, LA, SF, Portland, Seattle. Sorry David, we are thinking of you.


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