Klypi, AntiHana & AKA me

Resident DTLA Presents

Klypi, AntiHana & AKA me

Klypi, AntiHana & AKA me at Resident

Tue April 9 7:00 pm

Resident DTLA 428 South Hewitt Street - Los Angeles, CA 90013


This event is 21+

Klypi, AntiHana & AKA me at Resident

Klypi (pronounced like the Windows paper clip office assistant) is the “pop-star” avatar of AC Carter, a multi-disciplinary artist from Birmingham, AL. Klypi is part electropop - part performance art. Now living in LA and signed to Lolipop Records, Klypi released their first self-produced EP in June 2023 and plans for a full LP in the fall of 2024.
Klypi is described as an alien who’s trapped on Earth and recognizes that the only way to survive as a human is to become a successful businessman (as well as to learn how to tackle a wide range of human emotions and experiences). Isolation and unrequited love are just a couple of themes that run through Klypi’s work.

Hailing from Santa Barbara and now based in Los Angeles, AntiHana is exploring a different side of pop. While her last collection of songs was an entirely DIY foray into indie rock/bedroom pop, her current sound is glossy, rich with glitchy earcandy, and experimental in its electronic production. The rock n roll ethos and energy has remained though, and shines through in her live performances with a 4-piece band.

AKA me is the moniker of Stephanie D’Arcy, an independent avant-garde singer-songwriter and producer from Los Angeles. Influenced by artists like St. Vincent and Little Dragon, AKA me’s musical style blends vibrant, lo-fi production with dark, yet energetic vocals. The name AKA me was inspired by her Instagram handle (@stephanie_aka_me) which she came up with at age 16. Since early 2020, she has released various singles along with her Freshman EP, 'Sugar'.



428 S Hewitt St

Los Angeles, CA