Beer and Brussel Sprouts

It’s that time of year. Nothing says summer like beer and brussel sprouts, no? Meet up at Resident tonight for Hitwave: a hip hop night with Ron Ron, Ace the Face and more presented by Rosecrans Ave. Leave your cardigan at home.

Tomorrow, we’re celebrating a long-awaited appearance by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, supported by Daisy and Jerkagram. Check out their live CUTV session, then experience the magic for yourself. The weekend officially begins with Lou Rebecca, Missions, a rare performance by Silent Diane and grooves courtesy of DJ Megan Louise on Friday night. Holodeck Records is bringing you the best of Texas, so don’t miss out.

A few tickets remain for Whores, Helms Alee and a band that shall not be named on Saturday night. Check out an incredible Audiotree session by Helms Alee, Seattle’s finest.

We’re bringing Sunday-Free-Fun-Day back this week in full force. Italians Do It Better presents Boan, In Mirrors and Twisted Wires. Like Chromatics? Just checking 😉

Next Tuesday, April 10, Ryley Walker arrives with Itasca and Scott Hirsch. We’re feeling emotional already. Read Walker’s Chicago ruminations in Noisey and tap into your jam band roots. You know you love it.

Next weekend, we’re catching dance fever with Juke Joint on Friday, April 20, Depeche Brunch Saturdayafternoon and My Melody Saturday evening. We’ll slow down for Dana Buoy, Night Shop and Wild Pink on Friday, April 29—but not for long. The 33 ⅓ book launch party for Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy goes down on Monday, April 30 with Chris Bauermeister, Adam Pfahler and author Ronen Givony.

Next month, we’re stoked on A.O. Gerber, Bird Concerns and Fellow on Wednesday, May 2 and the return of Swimsuit Issue on Tuesday, May 15. Help out A Cappella Academy Los Angeles on Friday, May 4 at The Geetar Man Turns 30: a birthday party for charity. Plus, we just announced Paris Syndrome on Thursday, June 7, featuring French vs. Japanese synth-pop, post-punk, new wave and related obscurities.

Keep your eye on our socials for the latest gigs on and off-site (@residentdtla and @residentdtlapresents). That time is here!


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