Bob Moses (Sold-Out!), Club Soulside, Bootie LA: Lady Gaga & Madonna Vs. Everybody

Let us take a moment to remind ourselves that while it’s raining cats and dogs on the east coast, we’re literally rolling around in buckets of sunshine here. It’s easy to dwell on the coming fall and the early sunsets soon to arrive, but we’re pretty damn lucky. Come give thanks in the garden and enjoy happy hour basking in the golden glow that makes cal-i-for-ni-a feel like home!

Tonight we’ve got a very special sold-out show with the one and only Bob Moses. Say what?! Yes it’s really happening and we’re listening to his new single in anticipation. To the lucky ones with tickets, we can’t wait to share this experience with you! Tomorrow meet us on the dancefloor for a night of Northern Soul, Motown , Rare Soul and Vintage Reggae at Club Soulside. It’s is the perfect weekend warm up, so throw on some dancing shoes.

This weekend we’re keeping things interesting with something we’ve never done before! Join us in welcoming Lizzie, “A rock concert meets historical true crime storytelling.” In a new twist on musical theatre, Lizzie tells the story of a brutal 1892 murder that remains an American legend. If you’re already intrigued, hooked, or curious,let’s call it a plan — tickets are available for the shows on both Friday and Saturday.

For those searching for some late night mischief to kick off the weekend, look no further than the truly iconic mashup party, Bootie LA! We can’t wait to welcome Bootie back into our humble abode for a very special theme… Lady Gaga & Madonna Vs. Everybody! Little monsters come one and all to vogue to your heart’s content! We are blessed enough to live during the time of these two magnificent female powerhouses, may we bow down and boogie. Then Saturday our favorite Indian beats dance party rolls back into town at Non Stop Bhangra! Get excited for an energetic dance floor with Bollywood vibes like you’ve never dreamed of.

As we bring the weekend to a close we’re joined by Olympia, Washington band Table Sugar with friends Temple of Angels, Mayako XO, and Purity all gracing our stage. DJ Emily Twombly will be spinning too! If you’re looking to fall in love with a new band, Table Sugar is an obvious choice — they received high praise on Pitchfork this summer for the latest album. Pop by earlier in the afternoon around 4 and treat yourself to a tropical beverage at the Holger Hut in the garden. Pure bliss is a tiki drink in hand and lounge session in our garden. You deserve it!

Looking off into the foreseeable future, we’ve got some exciting things on the horizon. Next Wednesday 9/19 catch Perfume with Foie Gras, Paige Emery and C2S99. We also hope you’ll join us for Eleanor Friedberger and PILL on 9/25! In the spirit of her visit, here’s one of our favorite songs of spring to motivate you — tickets are flying and you’ll be sad and lonely watching the highlights on our Insta Story rather than standing there beside us. Lastly, we just announced Stay Loose on 11/30 and it wouldn’t be a true dance party without you. This new track is a guilty pleasure and has already amassed a massive amount of plays — prepare to dance it out.

There’s so much fun to be had. Come have it here. We’ll see you soon!


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