Don’t Come to LA w/ Rob Vicious, Egyptian Pop w/ DJ Jamal, Juke Joint w/ Jackie Jackson

Listen…we hate to be the realist over here, but time is ticking to live out your dream summer. With only 5 and half weeks until Labor Day festivities commence, there is no time like the present to throw on your flyest summer looks and come by for some hangtime.

Your first opportunity is tonight, as we serve up just about the freshest city of angels rap party known as Don’t Come to LA, curated by Jeff Weiss and Rosecrans Avenue. Gracing our stage is the one and only Rob Vicious, so come experience the beauty and the madness of one of our favorite new party staples.

Friday night pay a visit to the queen of soul, Miss Jackie Jackson! Dressed head to toe in sequins or something else entirely fabulous, Jackie will leave you spellbound, smiling, and shaking off the doldrums of a busy week. The music and spirit of Juke Joint will transport you to another glorious dimension and era — you’ve gotta trust us on this one.

Any good summer bucket list has to include our free Resident Roundup Summer Series and if you have yet to check off a jam session in our outdoor oasis, this Saturday afternoon is your best bet. Our second to last edition is going down with Dommengang and DJ Vamp Fingaz. Kick back in the garden, sip a tropical drink, and bring pals. RSVPs are still open!

All you road-tripping friends know a drive isn’t complete without an epic playlist. One of our favorite bands to listen to on the open road is Cicada Rhythm and it feel so right to have them taking over our stage on Monday 7/23! We couldn’t think of a better sneak peek than their recent music video, “America’s Open Roads.” Watch this magical, hand-drawn journey and then get whisked away with us.

Tuesday delivers another treat — prepare to be amazed by R&B and upbeat neo-soul act Molly With Charles. Vocals to heal your damn soul! You’ll be asking how these humans aren’t yet famous and singing from the largest stages, but let’s just keep them our little secret for now. Take a listen and fall in love IRL this Tuesday.

For those not lucky enough to jet off to faraway destinations (ahem, us) we’re making our own paradise here at Star Wars Tiki Brunch on Sunday 7/29. The destination? A galaxy far, far away… so embrace your inner Wookie and throw on a lei. Yes there will be Bantha milk punch and Dark Side piña coladas. Yes you should Instagram this. Princess Leia buns required.

And lastly, let’s throw love to some very special anniversaries coming up! It’s the 1 year anniversary of our favorite afternoon class on books, movies, and music, Voyager Institute, on 8/4. Also happening that night is the Green Slime 4 year anniversary with Jonathan Toubin on 8/4. If you’ve yet to partake, get ready for a groovy 60s dance party as real to the time as they come! We round off a celebratory weekend with Mixed Feelings 1 year anniversary with Leven Kali on 8/5.

If you need us, we’ll be tanning in the garden and eating a grilled cheese until further notice. We’ll save you a spot.


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